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17 March 2017 @ 03:40 pm
Dear SSR Agent  
Firstly, thank you for writing a fic or making a vid for me. I can't wait to see what you create!

So I was thrilled when we got a Peggy Carter TV show since I loved the character in First Avenger.

The first season was pretty great but I'll be honest, I was not too fond of Season 2. It had some great moments but overall I found it lacking.

I kinda hated Peggy/Daniel a lot. I hated after being turned down for drinks Daniel apparently had a tantrum, moved across the country, ignored Peggy, got engaged and then broke off the engagement, and we're somehow supposed to believe Peggy still likes him and this is supposedly a romantic story?

So, uh, normally I don't do this but please don't include their in my gift. Either by writing it out or just pretending it never existed. How the show created their relationship really annoys me. I'm sorry if you like them :( :( :(

I also hated how they seemed to screw over their female characters. I hated how Angie wasn't there despite the season being set in LA and it would make perfect sense for her to have move out there. I hated how Violet just seemed to disappear after Daniel broke up with her. I hated how Whitney's story was resolved. She started off such a great villian and then it all just fizzled out. I hated how Ana's plotline about not being able to have kids seemed to be more about giving Jarvis angst then how it affected her.

But there were things I liked about Season 2 (which tended to be what I liked from Season 1). I love Peggy, of course. I liked Peggy and Jarvis' relationship. I liked Howard Stark (not so much as a person but he was great fun to watch as a character). I loved Dottie (the only reason I am not requesting her is because I got a lovely fic about her last year). I liked the new characters we got and the ones we got to see more of: Ana, Jason, Rose, and Whitney. I don't mind Daniel and Jack in a working relationship but I don't really care about them romantically or as focus characters.

General Likes/Dislikes

I always find it really hard to list anything here.

In general I don't really want anything with a high rating in regards to violence, dark themes, noncon, etc. But I don't mind a high rating in regards to sex. And despite how little I liked Daniel in Season 2 I don't want any "character bashing".

The list of things I like in fic is too varied but hopefully the notes above and below give you an idea of the kind of stories I like.

In regards to vids. I like vids that flow to the music and I don't like vids that are heavy on effects or "talky" face.

Music wise I'm up for any song choice as long as it suits the vid both in tone and lyrics. But I like songs for Agent Carter that have a little "old-timey" feel if you know what I mean.

Specific prompts

Peggy Carter

Yeah, so I ♥ Peggy Carter. Anything that focuses on her would be great. I don't have any specific request in mind. It can't be during the war, during working at the SSR, during working at SHIELD, during an AU where she mysteriously ends up in modern day. It's all good!

I like seeing her relationships with the other female characters or with Steve, Howard, Jarvis and the Howling Commandos. But anything focusing just on her is still good.

Peggy Carter & Angie Martinelli

I loved their relationship in Season 1. Anything that explores this further would be great. I would love a story where Angie gets caught up in one of Peggy's missions and seeing just how awesome Peggy is and just what her job entails.

Peggy Carter/Angie Martinelli

As above, I loved their relationship and I have no preference whether it's platonic or romantic.

Peggy Carter & Violet

As above, I hated what happened with Violet. Not only how she just disappeared but how it seems like she only existed to give Daniel angst.

So I would love a story that sees Peggy and Violet becoming friends and exploring who Violet is further. After all, having a nurse as a friend probably has some perks considering Peggy's line of work.

Peggy Carter/Jason Wilkes

I really loved Jason's character and if Peggy had to be in a romantic relationship I was totally rooting for him. So any story with them working together or getting together romantically, or both, would be great. I loved how every time they saw each other they just seemed to smile so widely at each other. Like I said above I don't want any character bashing, so while I do want Daniel out of the picture I would prefer he wasn't vilified in order to get Peggy and Jason together.

Peggy Carter/Gabe Jones

I know Peggy married Gabe in the comics but I haven't actually read them and don't know much more than that. But I really liked Peggy's relationship with the Howling Commandos in episode 1x05 and it speaks of a much stronger relationship then what we saw in the First Avenger. So I would love to see a story about Peggy building a relationship with Gabe but also seeing her with the rest of the Howlies.

Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers

I love Steve/Peggy so much and I am devastated we never got to explore their relationship further. So any kind of fic or vid about them would be delightful. I don't care when or where or how AU it is, I just love them together.

I don't really see either of them settling down in to a "typical" relationship ie. get married, kids, white picket fence, etc. So it would be interesting to see how they navigate their relationship among their unique jobs. Nor would I expect their relationship to be completely smooth sailing either. I think both of them are far too stubborn for that.

Angie Martinelli/Peggy Carter/Steve Rogers

I've only read one story with this pairing but I thought it would be interesting. Angie and Steve are both clearly important to Peggy so it would be interesting to see how a relationship works out. And I think it would be interesting to see how Steve and Angie would interact. They could bond over the theatre and performing!

Also, I think it would be funny because Steve doesn't really know how to interact with one woman, let alone two.

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