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15 May 2019 @ 08:35 pm
This originally started as a list of things I wanted see after watching Endgame but then I never posted it. And then I kept reading fics that fit the themes so I started to collate everything in to a big rec list.

These are fics that are specifically curated for my own personal preferences but if you love Team Cap, Team Thor and Team Gamora & Nebula, and maybe weren't entirely too happy with how Endgame turned out then you will probably enjoy these fics as well.

They are roughly ordered by character and ship but they contain all manner of relationship permutations both platonic and romantic and there is some overlap so check the tags. There are also a couple of WIPs that I forgot to mark so read at your own risk.

This will also hopefully be updated in time as I find more fics for the missing gaps.

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27 April 2019 @ 04:10 pm
Don't come here if you want squee :(

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25 April 2019 @ 03:04 pm
So I have seen Endgame! If anyone wants any spoilers, feel free to message me.

My general no-spoilery feelings about the movie.Collapse )

And then my super spoilery thoughts.Collapse )

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24 April 2019 @ 05:04 pm
So I will be seeing Avengers: Endgame in less than 24 hours and I AM VERY AFRAID!

I think this is the first time I have felt like this about a film or TV show. I've been invested in Marvel for a while but none of the other movies have constituted a finale like what I am assuming this will be.

And other media sources I have been super invested in either were abruptly canceled (Farscape) or my interest gradually fizzled out before I had to contend with a finale (Supernatural) or I only started watching when the show had all ready ended so I knew what I was getting in to.

But really, when I say I am still invested in Marvel, it's really more I am very much invested in Steve Rogers.

And I am very afraid he is going die.

And I am very afraid he is going to die in a way that is very unsatisfying. And that is what I am going to be sad (and angry) about rather than his actual death.

And I swear I am going to flip my shit if his last dying scene is with Tony Stark and he never sees Bucky or Sam ever again (you know, the guys he loves and actually built a relationship with and who the last he saw of wasn't trying to murder his best friend as revenge despite the fact that shit wasn't his fault on account of the decades of torture and brainwashing and mindwiping).

If the Marvel wanted me to care about Steve's relationship with Tony Stark then they need to actually put the effort in to make me care instead having them be antagonistic towards each other in every movie they are in together.

Can you tell I am still bitter?

I didn't use to be because there was always the prospect of another movie and more content to make up for it but now that prospect is gone. And when I think back to how little of Steve we got in Civil War and yeah, it was focused on him but Steve didn't even get the most dialogue, he got half the screentime compared to the first two Cap movies, he didn't get a flashback of his parents (which I sincerely doubt we ever will now), and he didn't even get the opening and closing emotional moments. All that went to Tony. And then I think back to how Steve got like 6 minutes of Infinity War. And then I am assuming Endgame is also going to Tony's final film so I assume they'll be featuring him heavily as well. And then I get even more bitter and sad.

I am guessing Endgame is going to focus on Steve and Tony's relationship because it's the last chance they have and Steve and Tony are the two "big" characters but like, I just don't care about that relationship! The movies never put any effort into making me care! And yes, I realise all this is subjective and opinion based but I think objectively you can say that the movies showed that Steve cares more about Bucky & Sam than he ever has about Tony.

And you know, maybe I am wrong, maybe Steve doesn't die, but I am putting my thoughts down just so they aren't simmering around in my head. And like, if characters have to die (which they don't have to, Marvel! You can remove characters from a franchise without killing them), I just want them to have good scenes with the people that they love. And for Steve, that is 100% Bucky and Sam but with them stuck in the Soul Stone I have little hope. (I include Natasha in that list but I'm less worried about them not getting scenes together.

But hey, the movie is like 3 hours long. A lot can happen.

I think my main hope for Endgame is that it doesn't kill my motivation to make Marvel vids. I've never even made a Steve vid because I like him so much it was too overwhelming to make vid that just focuses on him. I do have one Steve vid that's been in progress for years and like, the vid itself is sad enough as is, if I have to include Steve's death in it, its going to be heartbreaking.

(Now it's time to turn off the internet and rewatch Infinity War in preparation.)

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21 March 2019 @ 04:36 pm
Dear SSR Agent,

Firstly, apologies for not unlocking my letter in time. I have a couple of notes under the cut about why I like each prompt but really, I don't have anything specific in mind. Make something that you like as well and I am sure I will love it.

I have no restrictions with ratings or triggers aside from requesting nothing that is super dark. But whether you want to keep it family friendly or go super explicit, it is fine with me.

The only thing I really don't want is that despite it being years, I still really dislike the Daniel/Peggy relationship because of how both characters & plot were written in order to get them together. So while I don't want any character bashing, I also don't want him included as anything more than a side character, either as a friend/colleague or with the Daniel/Peggy relationship gracefully written out.

But that is really the only DNW I have.

PromptsCollapse )

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16 February 2019 @ 11:31 pm
As always, thank you for making something for me! I have a few brief notes below about my prompts but I don't have anything specific I am looking for. Make something that you like as well and I am sure I will enjoy it :)

I have no restrictions with ratings or triggers aside from requesting nothing that is super dark. But whether you want to keep it family friendly or go super explicit, it is fine with me.

Farscape - Aeryn Sun

Farscape is my most favourite show of all time and Aeryn was one of my favourite characters. This was before I really got in to fandom-fandom but John/Aeryn were definitely my OTP. However, whether you want to focus on Aeryn on her own or explore her other relationships is all good with me.

Thor - Loki/Thor/Hela

This relationship can be purely platonic or not so platonic, I'm good with either. But it would be interesting to see something about how Thor & Loki's dynamic changes with an older, more "evil" sibling, whether it's something set after Ragnarok (where Hela lives) or something more AU where Hela was always around.

The Avengers - Thor/Steve

I really like Thor/Steve as a pairing. They seem like very similar people and also have a lot of respect for each other. They are also very pretty together. Something that shows them navigating their relationship and navigating the strange & new (to them) world around them would be great. My only request is that Jane isn't written out in a bad way (since I like that relationship as well, you can also include Jane if you want ;).

The Avengers - Thor/Steve/Bucky

As well as liking Thor/Steve as a pairing, I also really like Steve/Bucky and inevitably when that happens I also end up liking them all smushed together. I don't know how this pairing would work out considering Bucky hasn't even meet Thor yet but I feel this pairing has possibilities.

The Avengers - Thanos & Gamora/Nebula

I kinda really hate Thanos (not just as a villian but the way they wrote the character) but I really love Gamora & Nebula. Something that explores their relationship together and with their "father" would be lovely.

Guardians of the Galaxy - Gamora/Nebula

As above, I really love Gamora & Nebula so I guess this prompt is really a double up but I would be equally happy with something about them that leaves out Thanos completely. Whether you want to keep the pairing platonic or not is fine with me, I am good with both.

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29 January 2019 @ 10:12 pm
So it looks like everyone is back to Dreamwidth, eh? Despite the fact my last "real" post here was at the beginning of 2016, it's pretty cool to see activity back here again. I do enjoy the Tumblr format and I had a lot of fun making gifs there but I also really enjoy the journal format as well.

I am probably going to go on a friending spree as well, at least so I can try to have a consistent list of people I want to follow if we change platforms. (FYI, I have been following [community profile] post_tumblr_fandom for news about post-Tumblr options and the different decentralised options sound pretty cool!)

But to those who are new or existing, hello, I am Mithborien. I lurk a lot and despite being an adult, I have yet to master the skill of being social. I primarily make vids these days and in fact have made 13 vids that I never got around to posting to Dreamwidth. They are, however, all available on AO3. It's 50-50 whether I get around to actually backposting them to Dreamwidth. I am pretty into Marvel at the moment, especially all things Captain America. Although to my great sadness (and fear of the looming upcoming Avengers movie) I have never made a proper Steve Rogers vid.

But in regards to vidding, there's a bunch of cool things which are happening:
  • Festivids 2018 is now live and I received an awesome vid called "Escape". It's a Darius/Sonia vid from The Hitman's Bodyguard. It has a completely different vibe from the movie but it's super awesome! (As an aside, I am super pleased that Festivids is still going. It's one of those fests that I look forward to every year.)

  • Spring Equinox signups are also now open (and close on the 3rd of February). For me, Equinox is the vidding challenge I participate in when I am not making a Festivid.

  • I also stumbled upon a post by [personal profile] trelkez about a Make a vidshow using only your own vids Challenge which sounds pretty cool. Does a vidshow of all the vids you failed to post to Dreamwidth count?

  • There's also a [community profile] vidbigbang which sounds cool. Totally not something I'll be able to complete this year but hopefully it runs again next year. Is there a Vidding Mini Bang? Not to step on anyone's toes but that's probably more along my capabilities at the moment.

  • Escapade are also accepting Vidshow Submissions until the 3rd February, which I will probably be submitting to. Attending overseas conventions is a little beyond my reach but it's cool that I can send my vids instead.

  • Also is anyone running a Vidding newsletter? I feel like there is a bunch of vidding stuff happening that I am only randomly stumbling upon.

*looks at that [community profile] viddingland comm that I made and never did anything with*
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29 January 2019 @ 10:04 pm
Hello Vidder!

As always, thank you for making a vid for me. I have a few brief notes below about my prompts but I don't have anything specific I am looking for. Make a vid that you like as well and I am sure I will enjoy it :)

RequestsCollapse )

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24 October 2018 @ 09:56 pm
Hi Festividder!

As always, thank you for making a vid for me :) I have a few brief notes below but really, any kind of vid about any of my requests will be delightful.

Monument Valley (Video Game)

I keep hoping for a vid of Monument Valley even though the story is minimal and it's a mobile game that can only be played in portrait mode. But a vid of it would be so preeeetty!

Portal (Video Game)

I love this game for a lot of reasons. I love playing it and I thought the gameplay mechanics were a lot of fun. I love the scenery in both games: the futuristic testing chambers, the abandoned offices, the broken down facilities and the retro testing chambers in the sequel. I love the songs for the credits. I love the merchandise; I totally own a miniature portal gun and an Aperture Science tank top. I also love these videos: a Portal fan film, an official commercial for the game and the infamous credits song.

So I guess the vid I am envisaging for this is one that doesn't just focus on the gameplay but all the related media around the 'Portal' concept. So you, no biggie, just a small quick massively multi-source vid :O :O :O

The Good Place (TV)

Such a great show and I like all the characters, so whether you want to make an ensemble vid or focus on a character or a relationship, its all good.

Florence + the Machine (Music Videos)

I love Florence's music and I love her music videos. The video for "Big God" is amazing. So vid that looks at all the visuals and themes of her videos would be lovely.

George of the Jungle (1997) [SAFETY]

I nominated this purely because of this tumblr post, so a vid that encapsulates the themes of that post would be lovely.

The Hitman's Bodyguard (2017) [SAFETY]

The dynamic between Darius and Michael is pretty amusing, but I would love a vid about Darius and Sonia.

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02 September 2018 @ 09:59 pm
Letter...Collapse )

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