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22 January 2012 @ 11:26 pm
Festivids Recs!  
Edited: Now anonymous no more!

So I spent a good deal of time last night watching Festivids and I think I am about halfway through the list.

But I have to rec the two vids which were gifted to me both from the movie Red.

W-o-m-a-n by valoise is a character study on Victoria who I thought was a fabulous character so I was quite delighted to receive this vid.

And secondly, Me against the music by trelkez, a general recap of the movie focusing on Bruce and Karl's characters, which is only enhanced by the fantastic song choice. It shouldn't work but it totally does!

So thank you so much for both vids! They were fantastic :)

MOAR RECS! I may not have much to say about each vid but they are all fantastic and deserve to be watched.

A message for you [Big Fish] by kaydeefalls
This vid actually made me tear up, which I didn't do when I first watched the movie so kudos to the vidder.

Little Bad Girl [Cry-Baby] by boom_queen
This was described by the vidder as pure dance crack and it totally is and it is so much fun! There were actually a lot of dance vids in this year's Festivids (at least of the ones I watched).

RIP [Dead like me] by charmax
I haven't gotten around to watching the series but I greatly enjoyed this vid. All about the gravelings.

A Butterfly Dreaming [The Fall] by [personal profile] vesperregina
This movie is gorgeous to begin with and this vid captures that perfectly. And I adore the song choice as well.

Baby I'm a star [The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air] by [personal profile] franzeska
CARLTON DANCES! I don't think to say anything more than that.

How to rock your dragon [How to train a dragon] by lapillus
A fantastic vid and the music is a great choice.

I'm still here [HOw to train a dragon] by dragonchic
A very poignant vid.

Doomsday [Independence Day] by bironic
Full of explosions and great editing.

Extraordinary [League of Extraordinary Dancers] by starrylizard
Haven't seen the source but it looks amazing.

Outside the box [Maru the Cat] by shati
I think this is going to be one of the favourite vids this year and who could disagree. It's Maru/boxes and it is wonderful. Such a perfect song choice!

Papa's got a brand new bag [Maru the Cat] by [personal profile] absolutedestiny
Another Maru vid which is just as good. An equally perfect song choice!

Walking on sunshine [Miranda] by charmax
Haven't seen the show but I really want to!

Ooh la la! [Moulin Rouge] purplefringe
I really liked the song choice here.

Poor, poor, pitiful me [Mythbusters] by [personal profile] fan_eunice
A character study of the crash dummy in Mythbusters!

Soft boy [Ninja Assassin] by Cara Marie
I haven't heard good things about this movie but this vid makes it look very cool.

He's a pirate! [The Princess Bride] by Scribe
The Princess Bride set to POTC music. Fun!

Fly [Parks & Recreation] by sisabet
Only seen the first ep of P&R but I really liked this vid and makes me want to watch the rest.

Better smeg than dead [Red Dwarf] by [personal profile] littleheaven
Only seen a couple of eps of Red Dwarf but it looks very fun.

Pleasant [Resident Evil Trilogy] by missbreese
I love these movies. Alice is kick-ass.

Making the Fellowship [LOTR Behind the scene] by [personal profile] echan

Archetypal Sins [Se7en] by [personal profile] echan
Haven't seen the movie but a very well made vid.

Like a man possessed [Se7en] by gaby0189x
Also a great vid.

Firework [Whip it] by dogstar
Very fun vid.

25 recs so far and probably more to come! SO MANY VIDS!
ash48: Dean & vid cameraash48 on January 22nd, 2012 03:39 pm (UTC)
Ack! I haven't had a chance to watch any! :(((( I need a day to sit and watch them all.

Mithmithborien on January 22nd, 2012 04:28 pm (UTC)
Heh, you will definitely need a full day to watch them all!