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06 October 2012 @ 09:18 am
Dear Festividder...  
Firstly, thank you so much to my Festividder for making me a vid. I am sure I will love it since I would love a vid in any of the fandoms below, regardless of what kind of vid it is.

First, a quick note about music. You'll note that I haven't really mentioned any music choices. I feel that is best left up to you. My music taste is pretty varied and if the song works for the vid, then I will pretty much end up loving the song. I have gained a lot of music that way...

Warning: This post contains a lot of multimedia to hopefully delight and inspire my Festividder (and anyone who wants to make me a treat, seriously, treats are delicious :P)


In turn-of-the-century Mexico, two very different women become a bank-robbing duo in an effort to combat a ruthless enforcer terrorizing their town.

I just thought this was a really fun movie and I quite liked Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz in it. I would love a vid that explores the friendship between their characters, Sara and Maria, and the capers they pull off.

The trailer:

And there's also a fight scene, if you know, people are in to that:

Florence + the Machine Music Videos

Made by pinkmanwilson

I absolutely love her music and I am pretty sure that a hell of a lot of vidders do as well considering how many vids I have seen made to her music (including some of my own!). But I also think her music videos are gorgeous and visually stunning and would make a fantastic vid.

I am also not opposed to additional footage (concerts, etc) being used but I am definitely interested in the music videos.

But for easy reference, these should be all of her music videos:

RPF - Hugh Jackman

Oh Hugh! I love Hugh Jackman for a number of reasons: a) he seems like a really great guy, b) he was born in my country and c) he takes his shirt in many of his movies. And yeah, he seems to be a pretty decent actor ;P

So really, all I am looking for is a vid with plenty of Hugh, I don't even mind what sources it comes from. However, I do think it would be awesome if you included footage from his Lipton Tea commercials:

His Boy from Oz performances:

And his early movies such as Paperback Hero:

RPF - Michelle Rodriguez

Images from both fear--will--find--you and juliekuhnell

I am not quite sure where my love of Michelle Rodriguez come from. I just really like seeing her on camera. So again, like Hugh, any vid with plenty of Michelle in it would be fabulous.

El Mariachi Trilogy

A traveling mariachi is mistaken for a murderous criminal and must hide from a gang bent on killing him.

The trilogy consists of El Mariachi, Desperado and Once upon a time in Mexico. However, I am only really interested in the movies with Antonio Banderas in it.

I think I have requested this source for every Festivids I have participated in and I will probably continue to do so until someone makes me a vid or I just do it myself. So at this point I would probably take any vid at all.

However, if you are looking for inspiration I like guns in guitar cases, Salma Hayek and Antonia Banderas.


A smart & cynical girl goes through teenage life as a proud outsider in a world of mainly idiotic teens and condescending adults.

Daria ♥ ♥ ♥ I would love a vid to 'Freakin Friends':

Sadly, I can't find a Youtube video of the whole music video. But I do an an offline copy if anyone wants it. Just contact me somehow.

But any kind of vid at all would be great. I recently marathoned the whole series, so I have a lot of love for Daria at the moment.

Portal series (Game)

Playing Portal today will teach you how to love a "companion cube", whether a computer named GLaDOS really wants you dead, and why your friends keep telling you
"The cake is a lie".

I actually love the aesthetic behind the game as much as playing the game itself. So I would love a vid that not only focuses on the gameplay but all the surrounding media such as:

Short films people have made...


And of course, the credits song...

I guess I am envisaging this multi-media, multi-source vid but really, I would be intrigued to see what someone could come up with.

Good luck!