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23 October 2016 @ 11:31 pm
Dear Festividder...  
Firstly, as always, thank you Festividder for making me a vid! I'm sure I will love anything you make.

I don't really have any specific likes or dislikes about vids in general except for saying that I like unique music choices and editing that really flows to the beat of the music.

Below are my nominations. I don't really have many specific requests and I may have spent more time hunting down the gifs then writing any helpful information about the sources. But really, any kind of vid from any of the fandoms is going to be totally awesome. I've noted my favourite thing out of each if it helps (it probably doesn't) but seriously, vid what works for you.

And as always, treats are awesome!

Black Swan

I really like magic realism and this movie really works for me in that sense. But the visual of Nina with the wings is totally my favourite.

Bob's Burgers

I love this delightful little TV show and the dysfunctional yet totally loving Belcher family and I would love a vid about pretty much anything. But Tina is totally my favourite.


I know this nomination is for the live-action movies but I really love the books as well so if you want to incorporate them somehow then please go ahead. Otherwise I like the Hogfather movie the best, followed by Going Postal. But Susan is totally my favourite.


How can you not love a show where the title of the Season Two premiere was "A New Season aka Suck It Cancellation Bear"? But all the dance numbers are totally my favourite.


INSIDE is the follow up game to Limbo. It's not a direct sequel but follows much the same themes. I really loved playing it and for pretty much the last quarter I had a WTF look on my face the entire time. If you have played it you know exactly what I mean. But the fucked up desaturated dystopian world is totally my favourite. That and the chickens.

Monument Valley

I keep hoping for a vid of Monument Valley even though the story is minimal and it's a mobile game that can only be played in portrait mode. But the gorgeous visuals are totally my favourite.

Have fun!

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